Fragrances designed to obtain specific effects such as Relaxing, Energizing, Concentrating and much more!
Original perfumes for person, able to stand out in the crowd and make you remember forever!
Sanitizers for Person and Surfaces to disinfect without contraindications in respect of your body and objects.

About Us & Mission

Our company is located in the province of Cuneo at the gateway to the Maritime Alps near the French border.

We want to create an Italian product that stimulates the senses and generates emotions.

Scientific studies show that the effects generated by the sense of smell of each of us can create a state of harmony and psycho-physical well-being.

Thanks to the perception of the sense of smell, the perfumes are memorized and, after hearing them, they recall memories and emotions.

We create our exclusive fragrances using excellent raw materials which generate specific sensory properties that combined with the principles of aromatherapy give life to a unique, innovative and stimulating Italian product.

The fragrances

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Olfactory Marketing

What is that

It is the studio that uses perfumes and fragrances as a means of communication!
Thanks to it it is possible to connect your brand to an emotion by exploiting the sense of smell!

What is it for

In this way you can use the properties of a fragrance, such as the Concentrating effect of the Emperor's White Tea, to improve the performance of your employees by connecting it to your identity.


It can be adapted to each activity according to the specific characteristics based on the objectives you want to achieve, you can also combine perfumes in different environments to create a sensory journey within your structure.

The advantages

In this way, in addition to improving the efficiency of your business, every time your customer hears those specific olfactory notes, they will connect them to you and to the positive experience they have lived.
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