Who we are

Our company is located in the province of Cuneo at the gateway to the Maritime Alps near the French border.

In the period between the first and the second world war many men from our territory emigrated to neighboring France to work as a woodcutter, my great-grandfather took part in the migration and put his roots in French Provence.

"It all began in the 90s when I remember that, during the summer, we went to visit relatives in a village in French Provence near Grasse and returned home with the indelible memory of the perfumes of Provence that remained etched in the mind and were renewed from year to year. "

In the early 2000s I decided, together with my family, to deepen our passion for perfumes by undertaking a training course in the Grasse area, which has always been called the cradle of perfume with the support of local perfumers. In 2014 the family business was born in Cuneo with the aim of creating fragrances with raw materials of excellence, favoring those of our territory and beyond.

We want to create an Italian product that stimulates the senses and generates emotions.

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The Mission

Scientific studies show that the effects generated by the sense of smell of each of us can create a state of harmony and psycho-physical well-being.

Thanks to the perception of the sense of smell, the perfumes are memorized and, after hearing them, they recall memories and emotions.

We create our exclusive fragrances using excellent raw materials which generate specific sensory properties that combined with the principles of aromatherapy give life to a unique, innovative and stimulating Italian product.